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Red Santa Details

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red santa main view

Can't you just hear snow crunching under his feet as he walks from his sleigh? I can almost hear a low, quiet “ho, ho, ho.” You can tell I really “get into” my work!


red santa's face

Santa beards are very important to me. When I was very small, my older brothers cut some fur from our cat on Christmas eve and left it with a note from Santa. I had some of Santas whiskers!! I always use 100% wool for my beards and hair.


red santa's left side of face

Even nature loves Santa!


red santa's back

“A bundle of toys he had slung on his back” Hope he doesn’t wake anyone up with all those bells jingling.


red santa's bag

This Santa even   brings the Christmas tree! There’s also a sled, candy cane, a drum for Bobby and more! All the sequins are sewn on by hand.


red santa's inside

I wish you could see the texture of his tapestry vest. It’s lined and he’s wearing a gold metallic tie belt with bells at each end. The metallic ribbon trim around his slip is all sewn and not glued. His maple walking stick is from my backyard. I varnished it and then wrapped it with red suede lacing and attached 3 bells.


red santa side

The artist didn't send along a caption for this picture, so let me give you my own opinion. These Santas are wonderfully rich and elegant in their execution. The proportions, the fabrics, the gold, the hand work details, the bells, and the faux fur make these heirloom-quality Santas the absolute best I've ever seen! On top of all that, there is a magic component to these Santas that cannot be captured in a description---and that is the art! Every individual detail, as well as the whole entity (for which these pictures don't do justice) make these Santas, to use a phrase I never use, simply exquisite!


Red Santa = $100.00

US Shipping (Includes Insurance) = $15.00

Total = $115.00


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