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Red Santa MacClaus

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  red Macsanta  

Hear the drone of the bagpipes? Santa MacClaus is coming!

He was tired of wearing the same old red suit every Christmas Eve. So he donned his family tartan and with a hearty “On MacDasher, On MacDancer, on MacPrancer and MacVixen, and you can figure out the rest, he started out with his bag full of toys but it all seemed to be too much trouble and the bagpipes scared the little kiddies! Besides, no one wanted haggis for Christmas.

So the very next Christmas he put on his familiar red suit, gave the reindeer back their old names, and took the haggis out of his bag. But WE procured the suit and this Santa doll models it today! Mary (Mrs. Claus) made his black velveteen jacket that is reminiscent of his old red Santa suit. It’s trimmed in gold braid and soft thick faux fur. He stands 22 inches tall on a finished wooden base that is signed and dated 2006.


It doesn’t look like your typical Santa outfit, does it? Well, remember,
it only lasted one season. The front of his jacket is lined with red satin.


I think he looks rather handsome in his Pendleton wool kilt with his antique satin shirt that really buttons.
His fur sporran is NOT complete with the knife I’m told is supposed to be there, but, these dolls are not intended to be authentic, they’re just for fun.


His stockings are made from a cotton crochet fabric and his ghillie tie shoes are of a leather look fabric. The ties are suede lacing.
Not very warm in the snow! Come to think of it, I’ll bet this is part of the reason he went back to his favorite red suit. Comfort!


His soft sculptured face is painted to give his cheeks that rosy glow and to make “his nose like a cherry”.
I always make Santa’s hair and beard from 100% wool. The outfit is complete with a smart holly trimmed, red velveteen tam.  


His bag of toys is made from green velour with a gold twisted cord and is trimmed with red and green braided trim and gold bells.
In it a porcelain doll, a racecar, blocks for baby, a teddy bear, and a ballerina wait to be delivered to some exited little ones!



Red Santa McClaus = $125.00

US Shipping (Includes Insurance) = $15.00

Total = $140.00


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