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Green Santa MacClaus

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  green nac santa  

While she was making the red kilt outfit, Santa persuaded Mary (Mrs. Claus) to make one in green as well. This one was never worn. It’s just as well; his knees couldn’t take the cold! I won’t even tell you how happy the reindeer were that they weren’t going to be called those silly names (MacDasher, MacDancer, etc.) anymore. They suddenly felt guilty for calling Rudolf all those names!

This outfit is virtually the same as the red kilt outfit. The color is the major difference between the two. The jacket, in the reminiscent style of his original Santa suit, is in forest green panne` velvet with cream colored, beautifully thick and soft faux fur. It’s trimmed in gold. This Santa stands 22 inches tall on a finished wooden base that is signed and dated 2006.




His jacket is lined with holly print cotton. It made him feel all Christmassy inside. Get it?




This outfit includes a white polyester shirt that really buttons and has full sleeves. These outfits are NOT meant to be authentic,


just fun, so the sporran does not include a knife, which I’m told would be part of a real one.




Here’s a close up. His soft sculptured face is painted to give him that cherry nose and roses in his cheeks. I always pictured Santa with blue eyes so all my Santas have blue eyes. The beard is important to me. I just love Santa’s beard!

I think it’s because of the time when I was a little girl and my older brothers cut the cat’s whiskers and left them for me to find on Christmas morning. I thought I had part of Santa’s beard! His black tam is trimmed with a holly sprig and has a white pom-pom on the top. I think it looks especially dashing!




A back view.




This Santa has a red velvet bag with a gold cord. In it are lots of goodies including a porcelain doll,

a velveteen rabbit, a racecar, gingerbread man (yum), a candy cane and more!




Green Santa MacClaus = $125.00

US Shipping (Includes Insurance) = $15.00

Total = $140.00


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