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Frida's Fishy Friends

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Frida's Fishy Friends:

fridas fishy friends


At last! ”Spunky and the Mermaid” and all their friends are back! I have had a wonderful time re-creating these two adorable friends and all their pals. I hope you will enjoy learning about Spunky, the Mermaid,

all the friends, and the not so friendly characters they run into. They’re all ready for more adventures.

By the way, these figures ARE NOT SUITABLE for very young children because of some small pieces.



Spunky and the Mermaid:

  Spunky and Mermaid  

Once upon a time, a tiny baby seahorse was being chased by a barracuda! He was so afraid and was swimming as fast as his little fins would carry him. Just then, a beautiful mermaid saw his terrifying predicament and she knew she could help him. Being a mermaid, she knew she could swim much faster than the barracuda so she quickly snatched the little seahorse up and swam to a safe place in the coral. They hid in the coral and watched as the barracuda looked up and down and all around and then gave up and swam away. She was so impressed with the little seahorse’s courage that she named him Spunky.

They quickly became the best friends ever! Spunky grew up and they’ve been on many adventures together. One time Spunky even saved the mermaid from being crushed by a giant clam! The clam almost had the mermaid within reach and was just about to snap his shell shut on her when Spunky jumped in and stopped the clamshell from slamming shut with his strong tail. Well, it’s just been one adventure after another and Spunky and the mermaid are still the best friends ever!


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Spunky = US $22.50, includes US Shipping


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The Mermaid

The Mermaid = US $22.50, includes US Shipping




Giant Clam of Death:

Clam of Death

Oh, he looks friendly enough, but this is the “Giant Clam of Death” (so named by Frida) that tried to crush the mermaid. Just goes to show that you can’t judge a killer clam by his sparkly shell,

pretty blue eyes and what seems to be a smile but in reality is a huge mouth waiting to clamp down on an unsuspecting mermaid! Thank goodness Spunky could see through this clever disguise!


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Giant Clam of Death

Giant Clam of Death = US $11.00, Includes US Shipping



Tim, the yellow fish


This is a very rare look at Tim the yellow fish. He usually hides his face in the rocks or seaweed. You see he never saw another yellow fish before and so he thinks he’s odd! He doesn’t seem to realize how beautiful he really is!

He shines all over (because he’s made of satin) and has sparkly fins and tail and has big green eyes. The mermaid and all the others think he is very beautiful. Here, the mermaid is telling Tim how beautiful she thinks he is.


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Tim, the yellow fish and Diane, the purple fish

Tim, the yellow fish = US $12.50, Includes US Shipping



Gordon, the Lobster:


This is Gordon. Whenever Spunky needs to be away, he asks Gordon to be available for emergencies. His leadership and organizational abilities make him the ideal choice. Here he is making an announcement that there is

a tidal wave coming and that everyone should follow him to the cave so they won’t be swept away. Gordon is made from bright red satin and filled with polyester fiberfill. His bright red color makes him easy to see.


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Gordon = US $17.00, Includes US Shipping



Fay, the Starfish


Fay misunderstands the name of her species a little. She thinks she’s the “star fish” of the sea. She fancies herself a singer and she’ll perform for whoever is willing to watch and listen to her. She must be pretty good because

she always draws a crowd! Here she’s singing a rendition of her favorite song, “Somewhere beyond the sea”. She is somewhat of a dreamer! She’s about 12 inches tall and about 10 inches wide.


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Fay = US $12.00, Includes US Shipping



Corky, the Frog


Meet Corky. He drops in every now and then just to visit his underwater friends.  He can only stay a few minutes at a time because he needs to go back to the surface of the water to breath.

So he likes to go for a swim with them, blow a few bubbles to make them all chuckle and then he’s on his way back up top again. Sometimes he brings a few of his frog friends with him.


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Corky = US $12.00, Includes US Shipping



Earnest, the Turtle


This is a friend of Corky’s. His name is Earnest. Sometimes they visit their underwater friends together. They both have to hold their breath when they go down under the water, so it’s nice to have a buddy to go with. On land, Corky can go much faster than Earnest. He thinks it’s funny to hop back and forth over Earnest as they go down

to the beach, but, when they’re in the water Earnest swims like a bird flies! He just zooms around with the greatest of ease up, down, figure eights and even circles! Corky has a hard time keeping up. But he doesn’t mind, they’re just friends having fun! Earnest and Corky are happy, I think, all of the time!


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Earnest = US $18.00, Includes US Shipping



The Barracuda


Oh, no! He’s back! It’s the same barracuda that tried to attack Spunky when he was a baby! It looks like he’s looking for trouble again, too. Boy! Is he in for a surprise.

Spunky is all grown up now and can take care of him in short order. Those big teeth look very threatening, but I’ve heard that he’s all “bark” and no bite. Bullies usually are.


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Barracuda = US $25.00, Includes US Shipping



Archie, the brown Crab


This is Archie. Are crabs called crabs because of him? I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s not very friendly, he wouldn’t even

look at us when we took his picture, but he sure can dance! Just like, no, better than Fred Astair! He has four times the legs!


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Archie = US $14.00, Includes US Shipping




Orson, the octopus




Orson the octopus is very old and very smart. The stories of his intellectual feats are legendary among the undersea crowd. In fact, both Spunky

and Gordon have been known to seek out Orson’s wisdom when they have been faced with situations they didn’t know how to handle. 


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Orson = US $25.00, Includes US Shipping




The Goldrush Boys


goldrush boys


What can we say about these guys? All they ever want to do is swim around and have fun. They have no responsibilities, and the only “work” they do is to find their breakfast, lunch, and dinner! (Nice work if you can get it!) They do have to try not to be someone else’s dinner.

They show up at all the parties and get togethers and everyone seems to love them! They’re attractive and full of energy and fun. They are all made from a gold foil` knit fabric, filled with polyester fiberfill. They are all 41/2 inches long and 3 inches tall.


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The Goldrush Boys

Goldrush Boys = US $8.00 each , Includes US Shipping






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