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What we say about Linda Rae:


Linda Rae is her real name. A talented and significant artist from her youth, Linda Rae paints still lifes, landscapes, and animals in oils, acrylics, and water colors. She can't remember a time when she wasn't up to her elbows in paints, clay, paper & paste, or fabric scraps & thread making art that people cherish and want to keep near them. Making Santas and original stuffed animals began as an adjunct to her painting, but quickly became so popular locally that she had to increase her cast of stuffed characters, as well as her production. I wish I had a picture of the limp, green lame Lounge Lizzard, named Larry, that she made for one of my daughters several years ago!

And she once made me a life-sized ET that I buckled into the passenger seat of my car. It caused a sensation when driving through Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Linda Rae's attention is now largely focused on her Santas, Frida's Fishy Friends, and her other original stuffed characters. To say that her little guys are merely dolls and stuffed animals doesn't do justce to the depth of personality, feeling, and emotion she somehow manages to inspire in each one. Come inside her website and enjoy the world of:

Linda Rae Originals!




What Linda Rae says about herself:


I’ve never really thought of myself as an “artist”. I just know that I have a creative side that needs to be expressed pretty regularly. I guess I just defined the word artist! Hmm, and I thought I was just having fun making things that other people enjoy. Sewing is my greatest love. I inherited this talent from my mother and, I think, from one of my grandmothers. Almost as far back as I can remember I was cutting little scraps of material and trying to make one thing or another. Then, Mom showed me how to use her sewing machine and I was off! My first project in home economics class, however, was a skirt with a zipper, and it was a disaster! But, I persevered.

I like to be challenged. My niece once asked me to make a stuffed cockatiel for her. The legs and feet sort of stumped me, but I figured a way and Amy was satisfied with her cockatiel.

Painting is my other great relaxation. I paint flowers most often, as I just love them. (I garden, as well.) I currently have two paintings underway.

The first is of an Inn where my parents stayed while visiting England, and the second is for my son. It’s taken from a CD cover that he admired. He is a great fan of the Lord of the Rings movies, and this landscape was perfect for this theme so I inserted some of those characters into the picture. (See Hobbitland on the "In The Studio" page).

I tried sculpting for a while, but it’s just not my game.

I do like to make and decorate birthday cakes for people I know. My son was involved with Renascence Festivals, so one year I made him a birthday cake in the form of a castle with a drawbridge. I’ve made several different cakes for my granddaughter’s birthdays. Everything from dinosaurs to Barbie, and Power Puff Girls.

Somewhere in there I manage to cook dinner for my husband, and do all the mundane things that none of us like to do. I’m so glad you looked in to see a little of what makes me tick.  


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